Technical Pricing and Styles

There are many things that may effect the cost of producing illustrations. The size of the final image, the amount of detail needed, the reference material supplied, if any, the amount of images involved and the requested style required for the finished illustrations, can all have an influence on cost and as such this can only be used as a general guide for producing a similar, simple image, as the 'Ship' matchbox. The costs shown here are what I would have charged had I been commissioned to illustrate this image in these certain styles.
The styles are just a general guide as well as there are endless possibilities. Sometimes the style will dictate the level of detail and amount of work involved and so dictate the general pricing level.
If you need more accurate costs please get in touch. I can supply a quote at anytime or try and work within your budget if need be.


Linework illustrations are the simplest form of images to create as there is no need for the construction of tones and colours to describe shape, form and shadow. You can use different line weights to describe space in an image to help give a sense of depth. It works quite well although more time is needed in illustrator to line up the different line thicknesses so the whole image looks neat and clean and does not fall apart at any given enlargement or screen magnification.You can of course have some seriously complicated line illustrations which can take just as long to complete as a fully rendered image.


MatchboxLine1Elevation view (front, end or top view) in black line. This is the simplest form of illustration view:
Cost around £30.


MatchboxIsoLineIsometric view in black line:
Cost around £40.


MatchboxPerLine2Perspective view in two tone line:
Cost around £50


Linework illustrations with tints and tones of flat monochrome colour or greyscale added to give interest and form or to fulfil a design requirement.

This is a relatively simple process, on this image, and does not add much to the overal cost from the initial line work version.


MatchboxToneElevation view in black line and grey tone
Cost around £45


MatchboxIsoToneIsometric view in blue tone:
Cost around £60


MatchboxPerTone2Perspective view in grey tone:
Cost around £70

Flat Colour

Linework illustrations with flat colour added to the image either all over disregarding any three dimensional light changes there may be or picking out the major changes to give a hint of shape and form.

This is also a relatively simple process and the versions in the monochrome and grey scales section previously can be derived from these colour versions here so the costs are pretty much the same for both.


MatchboxFlatColourElevation view in black line and flat original colours
Cost around £45


MatchboxIsoFlatColour2Isometric view in full flat colour:
Cost around £60


MatchboxPerFlatColourPerspective view in flat colour :
Cost around £70

Full Colour

Fully rendered illustrations with black line work or coloured line in Illustrator or Photoshop with the products original colours.


MatchboxFullColourElevation view with coloured line
Cost around £55


MatchboxIsoFullColourIsometric view with coloured line:
Cost around £80


MatchboxPerFullColourPerspective view with coloured line:
Cost around £90


A cutaway through part of an object is used to reveal some internal elements that would otherwise remain hidden. Care must be take not to lose the integrity of the whole image if too much is cutaway, although some can be redefined with a thin white outer holding line. The disadvantage with this is you could lose a lot of the outer body missing some other key features and possible company logos. You also need to have the relevant reference for the cross-section through the material you are cutting which can be quite tricky to come across. Most illustrators would construct the whole of the outside shell as well to aid in the accurate cross-sectioning of the outer body.


Perspective cutaway view 3D model and photoshop
Cost around £350


A ghosted view through an object can be used to show some interesting features inside. The advantage with this is you can ghost through a number of elements and not have to worry about the cut cross-sections of the materials you are looking through. You can also try and maintain the integrity of the outer shell and keep the logo.The disadvantage is you will have to model or render the full outer shell as well as the inside. In truth you can often combine the two styles in one image to ghost through the outer shell and cutaway some other features inside to reveal more details.


Perspective ghosted view 3D model and photoshop
Cost around £350

3D Model

A 3D model gives you more flexibility with the views you can get. Here one matchbox is used to create this scene. If you created this in photoshop or Illustrator you would need to draw all three.


Perspective scene 3D model and photoshop
Cost around £300


An exploded view takes all the components of an object and pulls them out along the main axis of the image in a logical way. Here the inside box section has been pulled to the left and the matches have been pulled forwards as they could not logically have been pulled any further to the left as the side of the box is in the way. This is great for showing all the components that make up an object.


Perspective exploded view 3D model and photoshop
Cost around £400


A scene incorporating the 'Ship' matchbox.


Perspective scene view 3D model and photoshop
Cost around £400

Simple Animation

If a 3D model is constructed a simple animation can be completed using these assets. The only extra costs involved are for the time it takes to work out the scene, record and render it. Rendering could involve outside costs as even simple animations can be time consuming. This one took approximately 15 hours at this size.

Simple animation of 3D model
Cost around £200 + Model cost

Technical and medical illustrations by Martin Woodward

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